We are all very sad of Devin Barkhouse untimely death 💔 We know he reached the higher plain and is with with family being his beautiful Kirkkky self once again ♥️ 

We are needing to raise funds as an entity has entered his home with keys removed all items removable while being observed. 

I have the children by the Grace of God 4 & 6 with only the clothes on their backs & not allowed keys his house or to find paperwork I know he “had”

Things are very tough for most everyone now 💙 for Funeral cost as well as these children who have lost their dad & all that they knew to have just a wee bit from many & if you can afford to give you will be blessed 🙏 

Thank you from the the bottom of our hearts ~ Nana and these gorgeous beautiful grangbabys 💖💖