I am a journalist, and I've been fighting for a year now to get race and ethnicity data on vaccine adverse events from the FDA, which has stonewalled me at every turn. I have exhausted my administrative remedies, including OGIS and my U.S. senator. My newspaper will fund state Right-to-Know lawsuits, but not federal FOIA lawsuits. (It's a small weekly paper without the massive legal budget of the papers that have been ignoring this issue for nearly two years.)

Representing myself in court will cost at least $650 for the initial filing, and appeals may be necessary. With mandates in place and individuals losing livelihoods and access to youth sports over their concerns about mRNA vaccine safety, the public--especially the African-American community--deserves to see the race and ethnicity data associated with adverse events.

Any funds collected in excess of my legal costs will be donated to Children's Health Defense.