I started a residential and commercial solar sales company last year and building it on the unemployment income I received after being put out of work due to Covid restrictions. Currently we have 20+ sales people and management staff that we have developed over the last several months getting started working in the industry and we are poised to grow rapidly with our organization due to our compensation model that is more like an employee owned business culture.

Getting to this point wasn't without some strife, tons of research and bumping our heads, we literally had everything go wrong that could go wrong when getting into this industry, so many crooks to deal with! The average person is paying WAY too much for solar and the industry is full of people who just steal and rob people blind, our company operates from a client first perspective and we also work to setup our clients with the best financing options with the lowest financing costs, unlike some companies that literally sell systems with no value or benefit to the client just to earn a commission. We save our clients on average over 120K over the lifetime of their system.

An installer not paying us recently for the sales we made has caused us to have a major setback of over $45,000 in revenue we were expecting to be paid after investing all capital into getting the leads and business going. Leaving us scrambling to find a new installer network to work with to get our sales installed, which we have now done. We just signed with a large reputable nationwide installer network.

The only issue is we are 30 days out from getting paid as a company for our new sales we are processing.

We are in need of a small amount of capital to keep things running properly until we get paid on our current sales, any donation received would go to operation and marketing costs, keeping the lights on, etc. 

I know it doesn't seem like a lot for a business, it really isn't in the grand scheme of things compared to what I've already invested, I just don't have any other option for getting the funds we need to keep things running until we get paid, my credit is exhausted, my family is not able to help due to the economy, so now I am here asking fellow Patriots for some help.


If you want to purchase a solar system and also donate we will give you a 2:1 discount on your Solar system purchase from us!

I.e. you donate $1000, I will give you a $2000 discount on your solar system installation... I'll make it even better, I will also give 10 of your friends a $2000 discount to switch to solar based on your donation of $1000 in above example, donate $500 and get $1000 discount and $1000 discount for 10 of your friends to switch to solar also, etc. 

Plus, I will give you $1000 for each referral sale after installation! ;)

(*Note if this breaks any GSG rules, please edit to remove. I didn't see anything that says I can't offer this.)

I'm usually the person doing the donating, I will be again once we are on our feet and thriving, I love the concept of Give Send Go and we will be as a company supporting many GSG campaigns in return.

Thank you for any support you are able to give!