I am a co-founder and owner of a small business, WE r GroupEx, located in Marietta, GA. We’ve been in business for 2 years, yes we opened at the height of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. We are blessed, fortunate and honored to have been given the opportunity to continue to serve and enrich people’s health and lives. We have endured great struggles since we’ve opened for business. Because of our members, instructors, staff, faith and above all the Lord we continue to “make it”. I could tell you the spiritual blessings we’ve experienced and you’d be absolutely amazed. I’m not one to believe in coincidence. I am a man of faith and belief and so is my brother and business partner, Ryann. Our story is an Oprah story and to get an idea, check out our website (Founder’s story). Ryann and I unequivocally believe we were placed on this earth to serve and in our best efforts be a guiding light to those in need of support and inspiration. That being said, what follows is straight to the point of our request of your support. Faced with uncertainty about the survival and success (which is certainly subjective) of our small business, Ryann asked me “how do we keep going?”. Without hesitation, I replied “Ryann, I’m inspired”. You see, I think it’s in my DNA to not give up. My grandfather was our country’s first National Baseball Leagues Black Scout. He was hired by Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn Dodgers to integrate black “professional” baseball players into the white only professional baseball league. My mother tells me of stories whereby Jackie Robinson and the like stayed with my grandparents while traveling for baseball. My grand uncle, Dr. James Parsons, Scientist of the year, 1929 was recently inducted into the Rensselaer Polytecnic Institute 2021, Troy, New York, Hall of Fame. He was recognized for being responsible for the patent for stainless steel. During their time, I can’t even imagine the trials and tribulations they endured in pursuit of their achievements. They harbored no bitterness for a lack of recognition or compensation for their work. They persevered through inspiration, commitment, determination, education, passion and above all, God.
So to all our members, members to be, supporters, family and friends, instructors, we will not give up! We are told we have something really special and we appreciate being reminded why we started this business in the first place. Our intent is deliberate and hopeful. We ask for your prayers and amazing spirits to continue to lift us up and keep us up. However we are in very much need of financial support in order to keep going and get us past these most difficult times. It's important for us to let everyone know that while we are in business with hopes to be successful, we are NOT in this business for material possessions, power or prestige. We’re in this business to help our community get and/or stay healthy, provide employment opportunities, earn a reasonable living and give back through charitable donations. That was our mission when we started and will always be our mission. This INSPIRES us. We hope to INSPIRE you and all of our members and like minded people in every community we are afforded to serve.
We are grateful for any support you can extend, whether it be referring people, resource sharing, financial partnership and/or assistance. Either and or all... know that we are truly appreciative.
All donations will be gratefully accepted as this will support the studio, our instructors and those in the community in need.
You can reach me personally at 678.628.3434 or at david@wergroupex.com.
In-spi-ra-tion: a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.