Hi my name is Andrew and I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter, a 5 year old son and a 12 year old dog named Stitch. Recently, I was laid off from a startup company I took a chance with back in 2019 right when Covid hit the air. Since there I invested my savings and final checks in pursuing a video game business which had some success but lately has unfortunately fallen. As a single father, it has been hard living alone, trying to make a successful business strive, pay child support for 2 individual kids, and make sure I’m holding myself accountable for bills and other necessities. I’am at the moment currently behind 2 months on my rent, electricity and internet. I’m working on trying to get my online business up and running but st this time it looks like I will need to get back into the workforce. Till then I’m driving for Lyft and Uber to earn some extra income. Unfortunately, eviction is coming in a week or so and I can’t imagine losing our apartment. This is incredibly embarrassing but we are running out of options after we sell my wife’s wedding ring. Any help you could provide would be amazing. I’m usually a pretty good writer but this is a really hard thing to do. Thank you for whatever you can give and when we’re back on our feet, I will be paying it forward.