Mark Finn was one of the many victims of former sheriff Jack Strain who was convicted of child molestation, incest, and federal corruption charges.  Mark was a child when he was victimized by Strain, who was a close family friend.  To keep his secret, Strain used his various law enforcement offices to control victims like Mark through an elaborate series of privileges and punishment through incarceration and withholding psychological treatment.  Mark's testimony in the trial was compelling and he testified even though he knew that it put him in grave risk with fellow inmates.

Even though Strain was convicted, the age of the charges presented a problem when seeking restitution from the Strain family, who gets to keep his pension, property, and other assets.  Restitution would have been used for the treatment of Mark's addiction and PTSD issues that are related to his treatment at the hands of Strain.

This support request will help provide funding for an appeal on Mark's civil lawsuit that is being pursued to aid him in getting this critical and costly treatment.  At the district level, the case was denied without an opinion from the judge.  It will now go to the First Circuit for review.

This is one of the few times in history that anyone can participate in a case of this type.  A childhood victim of a person who became one of the most powerful law enforcement figures in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, who will now remain in prison for the remainder of his life.  The system failed Mark, but we believe that we can help him get the help that he needs.  Please consider supporting this worthy cause.