In 2018 after spending 4 years putting my now ex wife through school to become an RN to better our lives as a family. About 1 month after she started her new career our relationship fell apart. I worked alot and was over the road engineer gone 3 to 4 days a week. For about 6 months. I came home to find her having an affair with a person she worked with. I was crushed after several months of trying to fix it I decided it wasn't best for our daughter to see all the arguing we did so I moved into my parents house. After about another 6 months i started dating a woman very casual over several months it turned into a healthy relationship. Once my ex wife saw I had moved on and was happy and we were getting along with out any court ordered parenting time she asked me if there was any way to work out our marriage. Once I told her no I was happy and we had both moved on over the last year she exploded. As soon as I turned her down she started to refuse to let me see our daughter who was 6. And she would tell our daughter I didnt want to see her because I had a new gf and abonded both of them. After several calls to police to do welfare checks on my daughter and comain of bot being able to see my daughter my ex wife filed an order of protection claiming I had came to her house and beat her up. Then legally I wasn't allowed to talk or see my daughter for 2 months while waiting for the court date. Once we went to court the order was completely thrown out because I had proof the date and time she said this happened I was 260 miles away at work. I hired an attorney and have been fighting ever since. At first I was given very little time 1 day a week and every other weekend even though the court had caught my ex in several lies. Things have settled down until this year she has refused me the court ordered vacation time and I miss out on most of my parenting time because they won't be at her house when I show up for my pick up time. I have filed 6 parental interference reports with the police. When I called my old attorney I found he had retired and now the battle starts all over again. I don't have much as the courts hit the dads pretty hard for child support even though we technically have 50 50 custody. I'm at a complete loss and my heart is breaking for missing out on so much time with my daughter. I've lost everything. My girlfriend is trying to work as many shifts as possible and help save money to help in the upcoming legal battle. My daughter has even expressed wanting to live with me in the last court case but I represented myself and her attorney basically destroyed me. Our new judge told me to hire an attorney and file for mediation. I paid for mediation but my ex didn't even show up. I keep going to our court house when I can take a day off work to use their free legal services but wverytime I file new motion her attorney gets it thrown out because it wasn't done properly. I would appreciate any help from anywhere and I'm looking for extra work to work around my current work schedule. I am just a dad trying to have a relationship with his now 12 year old daughter. My bitter ex refuses to co parent. Also the courts won't allow my daughter to say what she wants because last year she told her teacher she was going to kill herself so my ex wife had her put into a child's hospital in Springfield because of the cry for help. Now her attorney uses it saying she is unable to make those decisions please help I will be forever grateful and God bless