My dear friend of 7 years, and the mother of 3 kids was found unconscious at our local Walmart. Sarah was in her early 40's when she was unable to be revived. She died of congestive heart failure. She was an unemployed registered nurse and loved her profession. She enjoyed helping others and she always saw life as an adventure, always positive. Unfortunately there is no bank account or life insurance that follows Sarah and friends have taken on the responsibility of caring for her daughter. I have spent the last few notes pondering over how we're gonna put Sarah to rest. I alone can't handle the expense and I have reached out to local entities for help yet received no response. The local crematory is approximately 850.00 than an urn varies. I can't bare thinking that this beautiful woman will lay where she is because she had no money. So I'm reaching out for assistance for her children and friends that care about her final resting place. Please help us there's know where else to go with this.