2022-23 Season - Tapestry Titans Basketball Program PLAYER DUES

Please pay your $150 PLAYER DUES (Single Sport) or $250 PLAYER DUES (Multiple Sports) as soon as possible. 

To PAY please do the following:

1) Click on Give Now

2) Enter $150 or $250 in Donation to Campaign field

3) Select Other in the Add an Optional Gift dropdown and enter 0 in $ field.

4) Fill in your Email, First Name, Last Name, Show donation as [Input Player Name Here], Country, Zip Code and Leave a Comment fields and click Continue

5) Choose Donation Type of Single Donation

6) Enter Credit or Debit Card information and click Next

7) Click Submit


While we appreciate and encourage everyone to pay in one lump sum at the beginning of the season, we do offer a monthly payment option. If you choose to pay monthly then during Step 2 please make your amount $50 per month and in Step 5 choose Monthly Subscription and enter 5 in the # of Months field.

Thank you!

Tapestry Titans Basketball