I know everyone this time and age is struggling and it kills me to ask for help. 

little bit about me. I am single with tons of medical issues that I was born with Neurofibromatosis which causes all types of issues and that's not to mention other health issues. Even though I have been a "loaner". I would be one of the 1st to help one in need. I have help so many people , putting my safety second to help with out expecting anything in return. This year has been complete awful for me. Being of the year I was hospitalized for emergency surgery and was in ICU for a week with chest tubes and multiple other tubes I still owe on that bill as well. . Then I was laid off on 05/12/22 and the unemployment hardly covers my bills. Then on Friday my AC in my house here in Texas decided to die on me and that's going to cost about 8K. I just don't have it. With living in Texas in middle of the summer the hottest time of the year has to be like in the Devils den. I over heat easy and with over heating causes other health issues for me. If you can help I greatly appreciate it and one day I can pay it back or forward.  

Two out of Four pupper in picture. I hate pictures. 

God bless.