Hello, I’m Vlad. I’m fundraising to help me achieve my American dream to become an entrepreneur. I am asking for help to purchase Travel Agent Franchise for $11,000. I, like many of us, love to travel, in fact I visited over 40 states and most of them multiple times. For the past 11 years I helped my close friends to plan their dream vacation in America, from air tickets and hotels, to tours, activities, restaurants and car rentals. I myself traveled by air, car and train to see the beauty of this country. To add more, I worked for a while as a tour guide, hotel front desk agent and a bus driver for companies that provide unforgettable vacation services to hundreds of people.
I was able to partner with “Tours By Locals” and now offering my own private guided tours in Seward, Alaska. I have so much experience, skills, passion and love for travel industry. I feel this is time to start my own business to help people creat their dream vacation. I know I will be great at this.
Travel industry is growing, and experienced people are in demand. In fact, 44% of travelers use travel agents. The earning potential is endless. I am interested in franchise from “Cruise Planners”. It’s a well known, market leader company in travel booking industry. They have everything I need to succeed. The franchise cost is $11,000.
With ability to own my business in the industry I love, I will be independent, happy and valuable member of society. This opportunity will change my life. I am asking you to help me to achieve my dream.
I am an immigrant who is completely alone in this country, I am responsible for every aspect of my life and I don’t have anybody to help me. I have to always watch out for myself and I The problem is, I don’t have access to funds like some other people might, that’s why I turn to the community for help.
Thank you for your donations.