Hello! My name is Jon.I love to build things in the digital space. Been doing it since 1991.

About 3 years ago I decided to build something unique. Something useful.Something that fulfilled the basic need for information in a way that omits indirect monetization (advertising) yet still delivers quality driven results.

A directory, or business (community) focused search engine that delivers video responses to direct and indirect queries.The result is bivid.co (https://bivid.co).It is focused on local, small businesses giving them an opportunity for optimized relevence and enhanced exposure in search results.

My concept is to deliver a platform that is not just unique in how it displays results but is also devoid of the typical saturation of third party ads, which in my opinion ruins the online experience.Do you like all of those ads?

I have born the cost of this project from its inception.About 6 months in came along Covid 19 and the pandemic.My primary customers began to disappear.It has been a difficult time.For everyone.But I persevered and here we are, today...

My need right now is for licensing of the core software I use to deploy the site.There is a small window of opportunity where the cost of lifetime licensing is $1,000.00.I have been paying $199.00 per year to this point. I simply cannot produce that $1k in the foreseeable future and the deadline for doing so is Wednesday, July 20th at 11:59:59 PM EDT.

I know it's short notice.Have tried other means with no success. Am hopeful others will see the value of this project and help sustain it so I can focus on building it out to its potential.

Thank you.