Brain Surgery/ Recovery for Crystal and family

Campaign Created by: Crystal Winegardner

The funds from this campaign will be received by Crystal Winegardner .

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 4,480

 We are asking for love and support for this amazing and strong family that has been through so much! And continues to fight an uphill battle. Now facing brain surgery.

Crystal has been fighting brain issues for 5 years. She had a hemorrhagic stroke in 2017 from a brain bleed. They found meningioma tumors as well. During the 5 years she has developed many bleeds throughout her entire brain. She has developed epileptic seizures from all of this. She has had several TIA's (mini strokes) during this time. This all causing dementia to set in. During her last neurosurgeon appointment the doctors decided it was necessary to remove the only tumor operable. Crystal has a total of 4 of these meningiomas. Crystal's surgery to remove the tumor is scheduled for August 8, 2022.

Crystal and Corey are asking for help with expenses that are and will occur due to the surgery. Corey, Crystals husband is a hard working Heavy Highway Carpenter. This job does not have any paid leave time. Any days taken off for tests/appointments required before surgery and during surgery and for an unknown period of time after surgery will require Corey to take off work with no pay. Corey will be traveling back and forth to the hospital so he can care for 3 of their 4 children. There are many expenses that are going into this time for them. Gas, toll roads, food, medical bills, child care, and general bills because he will not have an income during this time. 

The surgery date was not decided until recently, leaving the family only 4 weeks to try to prepare. The family has no help as the little family they do have is not close. They do not have help so everything is falling on Corey as a husband and father trying to keep everything from falling apart.  

Your support will help lift some of the burdens off of the family. And allow more time for them to focus on Crystal and her recovery. And allow the family time to focus on spending time together without the extra worries. 

Follow your heart and if you want to support this strong family it would be very much appreciated. If your heart says you would love to support them and you are not able to, then just lift them up in prayer. Either way please pray for their family. There is so much surrounding this family and your love and support will help lift them up. 

Thank you so much for everything from the bottom of all our hearts! As Crystal says daily to all her loved ones "Share your drops of Joy" 


Update #1 Brain Surgery completed
August 24, 2022
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Crystal had her brain surgery and is home slowly recovering with her husband Corey. They are overwhelmed by the amount of love and support they have received this far. They can not thank everyone enough!

Due to an unexpected emergency life flight hospitalization they are acquiring very large medical bills. This is putting an even bigger strain on them financially. The life flight bill alone is $28,865 and the ambulance is $800. Along with the hospital and doctor bills from that hospitalization. And now the bills are rolling in from the surgery. September they will need to make a self payment of roughly 4k to maintain medical coverage. This is due to not acquiring enough working hours for his plan to cover this. 

Corey, Crystal's husband will be returning to work August 29th. They will continue to to catch up on general bills due to his time off leading up to and during her surgery. And staying home to care for her. They are trying to navigate through these storms along with trying to juggle her recovery and her children returning to school. 

They are so blessed to have received $4300 through the amazing supporters who have donated along with an enormous amount of prayers in this campaign. There is still a great financial need as you can imagine. 

If your heart leads you to help any donation will help lift some of this burden. And help them to continue to focus on Crystal's recovery. It will be a long recovery but they are doing this together and doing the best they can. 

They are beyond thankful for all of the love and support. If your heart leads you there is also a place to send prayers! They are in great need of those as well! Thank you for your love and support no matter what that looks like for you! 

Thank you from Corey and Crystal and their family 💞🙏🏻


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