Out of despair i Googled tummy tuck and it left me to GivesendGo. I'm a 27 year old mom of 4 my abdominal muscles were tore and I've lost weight because I was seriously ran over with a car while on foot at 4 years old. My back pain is intense and now I have low heavy hanging big chunk of ripped and distorted "stomach" I also have loose skin on my inner thighs and upper arms. I have been on a lot of antibiotics for my kidneys and radiation along with calcium deffincey from my kids. I have a partial replacing my front four teeth, but the rest of my teeth are slowly but surely breaking, literally just crumbling. I have so many exposed nerves I want these teeth out but I already have to hide my body. I truly deeply need help so badly. I'm at my wits end. I am so depressed I only leave my house if its for dr appointments or necessities. I don't want to feel like an alien anymore.. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my sob story. I'm just ready for my HAPPY ending. I want to be a confident, social, normal person without all this flag and extra skin and now my teeth.. I've just nearly given up. I can't afford surgeries and my husband works and I stay home with our kids, until they're all in school next year. He would do this for me if he could, but how could I just say to my family.. I'm sorry but you have to go without because mom wants plastic surgery?? I feel like I'm in a strangers body. If someone could find it in their heart to help me.. I would cry, I would ball, then I would show you before and after and within a year I want to help someone else. I would love to feel that pure immense disbelief of seeing myself in the mirror and knowing what it feels like to be beautiful or just pretty for that matter like on the dental and plastic surgery shows and commercials. Gosh, I never realized how desperate I would sound saying all of this outside of my own head. I'm sorry the chapter book. Thank you sincerely with all of my heart for stopping to read this for me. God Bless.❤ PS I can't get the images to load. I'm going to keep working on it.