Little I am trying to raise money to save and build my business through the very difficult times I started out 1 year ago but every time I think things are going well I hit a wall of bad luck I started up and first we was hit by covid so very little income and because new business I had no help from government I battled on throughout paying my bills on time and due to low turn over was topping up my outgoings myself with nothing in return February this year I had a flood from flat above and had to move premises as premises becoming uninsurable as insurance refused to pay due to a poor landlord and his lack of urgency to fix repairs but having struggled throughout I persevere to make a success of it still and I ask for your help I work long hours and with little reward with a little help I will make a success of it I am not afraid to work long hours and put whatever effort is needed to make a success of it and God willing I will get through this and a big thank you to every body who helps or says a little prayer for me