Greetings Patriots! Imagine a world without:

-- Patriot Pub gatherings at beautiful Zion Springs with food and drink
-- Speakers like Seb Gorka, Kash Patel, Ben Dominich, Gary Hamrick, Hung Cao, Ian Prior...
-- The vision and selfless leadership and sacrifice of Jon and Chris Tigges
-- Commissioned, the app
-- Vibrant, meaningful discussion with old and new friends in a space where you cannot be oppressed
-- New Patriot Pubs spawned in nearby Virginia and Maryland counties and towns

Consider that this world is exactly what at least 20 inquirers in at least 12 states nationwide are facing as they ask to be let in on Loudoun's secret and form Patriot Pubs of their own all across America. They have heard about us, want to do it, but just don't know exactly how, or where to begin. 

Jon and Chris Tigges are about to embark on a nationwide trek with their camper and portable fire pit, shirts, hats, a "toolkit" how-to booklet to leave behind with new Patriots, and hold fireside chats by appointment for encouragement and instruction. Of course, we hope that the result will be new Patriot Pubs across America, all using "our" formula and materials and Commissioned. A true nationwide network. 

Jon and Chris are no strangers to selfless sacrifice, Jon even placing his personal liberty at risk for the cause of protection our individual, God-give personal liberties. We know from Jon that our Patriot Pub admission ticket charges just cover the actual cost of each Zion Springs event. Our $99 a year membership charge which gets us on Commissioned is hoped (with growth) to some day cover the cost (license fees, ongoing) of the Commissioned app.

The expansion tour across and around the country will be costly. Fuel will be needed for the vehicle and the fire pit. Food for both hosts and interested guests will be required -- you know the formula -- community is key, built around the concept of breaking bread together. Jon and Chris will be providing Chick-fil-A fire pit dinners for their important guests at each stop. There will be some lodging expense as it may not be possible or sustainable for Jon and Chris to stay every night in their pop-up camper. They have had to produce hats, t-shirts and the "toolkit" bound publication (handout) to leave behind with their guests. All told, it is easy to see how this multi-week trek can cost $10,000.

If you enjoy Patriot Pub and what it is becoming, if you are grateful to Jon and Chris for their energy and spirit of hospitality all used for your personal benefit, if you have enjoyed meeting new people and seeing Patriot Pub grow, if you want to see it grow to communities all across America, will you please consider making a gift to help Jon and Chris by funding this effort? Please act now, as Jon and Kris plan to depart in just two weeks. They have already made appointments with interested inquirers in states from Maine out to Oregon, south through Texas, and on down to Florida, and then back to the Commonwealth -- 12 states so far in all. It would be such a comfort and relief to them to know before they depart just what level of support they have here at home. Give as much or as little as you can -- all gifts will be so very much appreciated. 

Thank you in advance! 
A few Patriots from Loudoun Patriot Pub working to expand the work