Please give money generously for  the aborted child, the respect they deserve in coming into this life. Even thou they were murdered, they were alive and well at one time on God's earth.  Many fathers and misguided mothersare still to this day in thier hearts are suffering from this loss. Now they have the chance along with misguided mothers to name thier child and tell of the evil circumstances in thier life that killed them in an effort for them not to be lost and forgotten in this life. Those Chidlren in the womb of thier mothers deserve the love and respect as God's human beings and we at the Abortion Cementery are giving meaning and love to their breif existance on this planet. By having them named by thier realatives and the story of the horror of them being aborted brings substance to them as part of humanity and not just a number. In the USA alone there are over 65 million babies in the womb that have been murdered. We are here to give them relaitavnace  respect and loved that they did not get when they were alive as human Beings.