The Democratic-Republican Party was founded by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson in opposition to The Federalist Party founded by John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and John Marshall. The NOAH'S ARC™ Party has incorporated the best of those said original parties. Green by nature, we plan both a Republican and a Democratic President to serve ALL of the people ALL of the time. A temporary Party for these times of fast unfolding Global Warming events. Two of everything is not our Mantra; Everyone & Everything - including EARTH, our Host, is our Mandate. In order to Register our new party with the FEC for Presidential 2024, and to comply with their fund raising Financial minimums, we have to raise a certain amount of money and show Membership and expenditures for those funds. The remaining funds in excess of their minimum are for one time personal expenditures. Our Candidates, who will the sell themselves and their agendas according to the Mandates of the Party, will be presented later. We are based in Partnering with EARTH to Cure its infirmities; Enabling ALL its Species to Survive; its Ocean's,Air and Space Restored; Responsible Stuartship of the Moon while providing alternate Ventures; Capturing-Converting Factory, Car, Mars, Industry, Residential Emissions with private patents while adding Value to our Errant Industries whose Taxes paid Government fundings, salaries and Social Programs; based in all Sciences and Technologies; a Cure for Cancer should not be a "Grant" for Retirements:World Citizens with their fists full of dollars will make it more profitable to find the absolute cure. The cure opens all doors the Universe for ALL World Citizens ("In my house their are many mansions"); New Energy ("Thou shalt have no Gods before me."); Businesses, Construction, Infrastructure(s); Innovations, Housings, Survival Systems, enabling our Economy to shift from Dis-ease as an Industry to a Partnering with our Host:EARTH. All this and more. We plan to fund raise our Ventures - Worldwide before Congress approves the Expenditures to Outrun Extinction! Mind Soverign-Body Soverign Laws because Freedom is America's Mandate and "In God We Trust".