I had a stroke at 29 years old and had to undergo brain surgery. This left me with permanent weakness on my right side, blindness in my right eye and deafness in my right ear. I then spent 16 years in an abusive marriage to protect my step-children from their alcoholic father. I feared for my life and escaping did not erase that fear. I now teach in a virtual classroom. I buy all my supplies with little left to support myself. Last July, a second brain surgery left me even weaker, no matter how strong I try to be. Now, the owner of the house where I rent a room is selling the property. I’ll be homeless with no place to set up my classroom. I want to keep teaching, but I see no way to recover from this. I’m trying to move away from California’s high rental rates, but I can’t afford the outrageous moving costs, which include help with the physical move. I just want to keep teaching. Please help in any way you can by clicking the link below: