Who can make campaign contributions?

Campaign contributions can only be made by individuals and cannot be made by organizations or businesses. An eligible individual is: A) a resident of British Columbia B) a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
Donation Limit is per individual not per household and the max allowed is $1,250, anonymous donations must be kept under $50.
After making a donation please email the following details to the email address below. A) full name B) the date the contribution was made C) phone number D) residential address
Authorized by Financial Agent: Corisa Bell (corisa@corisabell.com)

First I’d like to say hello and thank you for reading!

I'm running for Mayor on October 15th 2022. I've been honoured to have had your support previously in running for Council in order to be a voice for the people of our community. I take this responsibility seriously. Over the last 4 years, what those who are reaching out to me are saying, is that it’s felt our voice has been lost again and I strongly believe it's time for a new type of leadership. A leadership that’s inclusive and comes from a place of care for everyone. I really want to show that all that I’ve said for the last 15 years is possible at City Hall and at the Council table. The only way for this to happen is if I’m given the chance this next term to prove it. The only way to do that, is from the position of leadership in the mayor’s chair.

The election finance rules are very different this time around and candidates are no longer allowed to entirely fund their own campaigns. Previous Mayoral candidates have spent up to $50,000; I’ve made a budget and believe I can do everything that’s needed with $30,000. I will also be hosting several fundraisers in the next couple months. I’d greatly appreciate any contributions in order to make this next part of my journey become a reality. If you aren’t able to financially contribute but would like to help out, there’s nothing more precious than one’s time. I’ll be in need of lots of volunteers; I’d love to hear from you, please reach out, we’re going to have a fantastic few months together on the campaign trail! I have so many ideas and I’m open to yours too! I keep saying this election is going to be epic!!

With all of my heart, thank you for your continued support!

As Mayor I will focus on proactive leadership and relationship building, there are many discussions that are critical for us to have right now. These include thoughtful development with built in amenities while focusing on what’s best for our environment, Smart City initiatives including mobility and digital intelligence-securing tax payers data while making a profit, food security, disaster planning, rapid transit, housing, reduction of red tape, and resolving parking issues for businesses. I’d like to see my original vision for public engagement expanded. I know I have the right experience, the right qualifications, I’m a practical strategic, creative, big thinker, and I have a proven track record of taking action with a yes attitude while backing the people.

“Government must serve the people. Taxpayers have become cynical, angry and exhausted with constant hands reaching into their pocket-books while the cost-of-living skyrockets and little benefit comes their way. I stand with the people and improving our quality of life here in Maple Ridge should without question be the priority when making decisions. There are many challenges we’re facing as a society. I’m ready to lead these conversations to decisions with a council our citizens can be proud of.”

Transparency and accountability are the only acceptable ways for government to conduct themselves. During my time on Council, I fought to have transparent policies and open communication; I was successful in having open governance initiatives implemented but what happened to these?

There’s far too much rubber stamping still happening at city hall. We see this with developments on a regular basis and what we need is thoughtful development. The development community is integral for growth but on a personal level I’ve always sent donations given to me by developers back explaining the trust between themselves and the people is fragile. I found it inappropriate to receive these types of donations.