David lives in Kenya Africa and he lives literally hand to mouth.  We help him as we are able, but this last week he not only came down with malaria, he also had pneumonia and was in the hospital.  He is truly unable to pay this bill as he goes day to day trying to secure even the smallest job to earn money for food.  He was in college, but due to family responsibilities he was unable to continue, then he found himself needing to live on his own and figuring out how to pay rent in an empty small house just so he can have shelter from the elements.

I'm asking for $300 because his hospital bill is $180.00 and because we are in the third week of June, he won't have enough time to find enough work to pay his rent ($20.00)  for July and most likely won't be strong enough as he will also need food ($100.00) to recover and get strong enough to resume life once again.