Hello, my name is Mason Sivret and one goal of mine which I was really eager to complete for these past few years is to help out the homeless community in Brampton and Mississauga. On any given day in Peel Region, there are 2000+ people experiencing homelessness. Many of these people have been homeless for more than 6 months which sounds really alarming when you think about it because it is really dangerous and risky to be living out on the streets and no one deserves that kind of treatment, especially if it was a toddler or a young child. 

Living in Sudbury, ON for many years I have not experienced seeing a lot of homeless people on the streets. I always thought of it as being a city of opportunities where people make more money and live better lives. After working for multiple jobs in the city and having one on one conversations I realized that homelessness is in fact a lack of choices. It is a mixture of personal challenges, public failures, family disintegration, addiction and mental-health issues, coupled with a lack of affordable housing and underemployment. Now that I have moved back to Sudbury, it hurts to see people out on the streets in this hot weather. Many people do not have the right medications and necessities and stuck fighting for themselves. No one’s life should ever be in plain risk. 

Couple of days ago I have decided to take a small step into helping some of them out. I decided to make 5 bags for 5 people that live on the streets with food, hygiene products, socks and gloves. This is when I established the idea to open a fundraiser for those that would like to help out last minute. I know this is a difficult time for everyone to be donating money so don’t feel pressured. Any donations helps!