Do you feel like we have the freedom, security and a life of joy and love that is the birthright of all living beeings? 🙏💞

Do you live in a place in the world where you don't feel free? 🙏💞

Where you can't fill your stomach for the day and even feel persecuted?🙏💞

Do you know that you are the light, that only you can create a change and together we can make this planet a better world, for animals, nature and people.🙏💞

If your answer is yes to these questions then you are welcome to live in safety, freedom and harmony with like-minded people, animals and nature in southern Spain.🙏💞

Please sponsor this project as this is something that helps us all have a fantastic world in love and in light.

We will continuously update you all of how the animals are doing and how the work with the community is progressing.

Food for thought🌺

If we all sponsor a penny, no one would have to go hungry, poor or homeless 🙏💞

No one would have to have stray animals running around everywhere and we could all live together in harmony 🙏💞

Just a thought for you who are passionate about life, animals and nature and helping people 🙏💞

Together we are strong 🙏💞

Wishing you all a fantastic day 🙏💞

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With Love Oliver & Jessica