As everyone knows by now,  my little brother Zane Cogan and his family lost their home this week to a house fire and lost 90% of their belongings that they had already moved in. They would’ve began living in their new home in a few short weeks after doing some renovations that were about to be finished up! What you may not know is that it happened the week between Zane an I’s birthday. We have always had our birthday parties together, even as kids so if all the weeks this one was always our week so I feel like I need to do something for him! We are not having a party this year due to the devastating week it has been. So this year, my 30th birthday and what was Zane’s 28th, I would like to raise money for him Aarika and my sweet baby nephew Caison! If you have already donated thank you from the bottom of my heart! But if you haven’t and would like to, all money will be given to them. 

Please continue to keep them in your prayers ❤️