I am a adult survivor of Clergy sexual abuse and really struggling every single day. I did report my abuser. To the Albany Ny diocese in the fall of 2020.  I was treated fairly. Also the dioceses did spend 8-9 months investigating my accusations as they all we’re supported by the bishop.   I did  receive a sincere apology by the bishop on a zoom Call in June 2021.  However no financial help was offered and we did talk about my problems of homelessness and depression but i guess he could not help me then. But he was a quite a gentleman. I was told to try a funding page. That has not worked out.  But I will keep looking for my angel. I pray daily that at 57 yrs old now I do not have to go back and live on the streets.  Thanx for listening.  God bless you if you read my message.  My whole story is on my page.   

https://cash.app/$RobertLescault.    If there are some caring people in this world. I need help to keep recovering for Child sexual abuse by a priest. I am doing much better now that I prayed for Days to for give. Father Romano.   And I have 


My whole story is anyone will take time to read.  And Thank you so much for your help to keep a safe Small place to live