My brother, Chris, has suffered from debilitating migraines since he was a young boy. He recalls having a sports injury playing dodgeball when he was in middle school and feels this may have injured the vertebrae in his neck. It wasn’t long afterwards that he started getting these migraines.

He has tried both traditional therapies as well as natural therapies and diet changes without success. His migraines have only worsened since he moved to Texas from Washington state. Because of these migraines, he has been unable to hold down a job and has been unable to even attempt to seek work since moving. He has barely even left the house in the past two years because he is afraid of having one of these migraines and not being able to make it back home safely. 

These are full blown migraines with visual auras, numbness, they affect speech and cognitive thinking, and severe headaches. Every time he has one, it can take two to three weeks to recover. Lately, he has been having two to three per month, and sometimes these are on a weekly basis. 

He has been researching cures and therapies for well over a decade and only recently found a new therapy based on an old technique which is not well known, but has a proven track record for healing people with these types of migraines. He has found out that a couple of the vertebrae are pointing in the wrong positions in his neck. 

He was once prophesied over that if he came to Texas, he would be healed from these migraines. This may be that key to his healing and restoration of health. 

The doctor said he needs to come in at least twice a week for treatment for the next four to six weeks, and once a week after that time if he is seeing improvement, the visits will drop to once a week. He should see some significant improvement in the first six weeks.

The office visits cost around $80 per visit. And that’s not to mention the outrageous cost for gas during this time. The doctor is about 50 miles away from where he lives. 

If you are willing to help, he would be eternally grateful for whatever you can provide. He understands that times are tough and everyone is tapped out in this current economy. Prayers are always welcome. 

Most people see significant changes in three to six months of treatment. This treatment will change his life and allow him to return to work and get back to his life of working on cars, riding his motorcycle, playing video games, and being able to work a full time job. 

All money will go to cover his appointments and aid in fuel costs. 

If you would like to send a check, please feel free to send it to Michael Ruge, PO BOX 321, Joshua, Texas, 76058. It will be passed along to him.

May God bless you as you give.