This family has a heart of gold and will need some assistance in their medical bills due to an unexpected situation with the mother /wife of the home. They have 2 small children and will need assistance while the mother is in the hospital and then of course after her surgery several months of rehabilitation. This will help her husband from having everything fall on his shoulders as he is working long hours everyday with his job and will not be able to do all that is required for his wife, his children, his home. Your donations will go to help them pay the  co pay Medicaid requires … it’s going to be 15 dollars per day to have a caregiver come to their home to assist the family for several weeks in caring for the mom and helping with the children.  If you would consider helping even if it’s only a small amount🙏I know it will be greatly appreciated and you’ll be blessed also for caring for others  ❤️  Thank you and God Bless🙏