Hello, My name is Lisa and I have a big dream. A Big Dream of becoming a Boat Captain. I have spent my entire life always in survival mode trying to keep myself afloat. Always hoping one day my dream would come true. When I became a single mom that dream felt as if it could never be achieved. I even named my daughter Sailor because I thought one day we would enjoy the blessing from staying humble and working hard. I consider myself a hard working and determined mom. I hunt and fish and provide for my daughter. I was a nurse for 12 years and ended my career to meet the needs of my daughter. I also restore and refinish furniture to pay the bills but I’m drowning. When I started my business “Sailor’s Coastal Treasures, LLC” about three years ago, I was doing very well with my furniture business. I was saving for a boat while maintaining my business. BUT Covid hit and that really made it difficult for me. I had to pay my bills with credit cards which I have never done in my life and my Boat Captain savings was sucked dry. I really felt like giving up and it was very difficult to wake up fighting depression every day. I do consider myself a fighter and feel with all my hardships I am deserving. I’m staying very humble in hopes one day I can start a Charter called “A Sailor’s Dream”. Honestly, I really need help with getting myself back in the game. The fear I feel and financial stress really weighs on me daily. I do not receive child support or government funding. I’ve had to work hard to support my daughter. I never thought I would have to reach out and humbly ask for help. I’m praying for a miracle at this point. I need to pay off my credit card debt, buy $1500 in equipment and supplies for my current furniture business and need $200k to go to school to be a Captain, fund my offshore boat and pay for all the start up costs for my charter. I’m 39yo and at a point in my life where I just want to finally see something big happen for me. I want to feel I have purpose and I know I have a testimony that will help clients dealing with the same struggles I have gone through. I’m praying hard for this opportunity and hoping someone out there has felt the same struggle and desire. I appreciate you reading my story and hope you feel it in your heart to help this Mommy Shark.