Mission to Ukraine

Campaign Created by: Mark Ballew

The funds from this campaign will be received by Mark Ballew.

Goal : USD $1,000
Raised : USD $ 550

I have a good friend who is leaving for Ukraine next week on a humanitarian mission, I'm not going to mention his name here for his security, I'll post updates after he returns safely.  The people of Ukraine do have a need for emergency relief, millions of people are suffering.

I am asking for $1,000 to give him funds for expenses above what has already been raised for food supplies and truck rental.  I am helping with his airline ticket and am asking others if they can pitch-in.

He is scouting locations inside Ukraine to establish a post to distribute needed supplies and provide spiritual support to families devastated by the Ukraine invasion so that they can be increased in their hope and faith.


Update on Mike Francen
June 20, 2022
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Talked to Mike Francen this morning and he was so excited about what happen on his Ukraine mission, so much I can't repeat all of it here, he will be posting his story on his Facebook page.  All the happiness that was delivered to the people in Ukraine where Mike said he could hear bombs and gun fire at a distance, 80 tons of food, from eggs, vegetables, etc, was packaged and handed out and all gone in a day and a half, the people of the town had not had clean water since the Russians bombed their water plant. So many families were helped in that short period of time, it was a drop in the bucket but it was life sustaining. Thanks to all who were able to give, Mike is planning another trip in July.  I'll post pictures, etc and link to any stories as Mike releases them.

Mike Francen has returned safely from Ukraine Mission!
June 16, 2022
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Just got a message from Mike as he landed in JFK in New York, we got a little nervous as he was out of communication in Ukraine for last 8 days, we had expected to hear from him on return to Romania but seems difficulty in crossing borders caused change in plan, he says the travel was long and brutal but rich. His mission took him across Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Poland, we are so glad that he is back safe. Look forward to hearing the rest of his story.


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