We are in a war with Satanic Marxists for our children, culture and indeed America itself. Information is currently the main battlefield and government, corporations and billionaires are spending massive amounts of money to censor the truth in a desperate attempt to control the narrative. Please help us fight back against them by enabling us to deliver vetted and verified information to American Christians and Patriots that no one else is covering. 

RedPilledNews.com is going to deliver the news that the mainstream and most independent media will not report.  We tried to get it launched with the money each of us had saved but we have exhausted those funds and still need to pay off the web designer and drastically increase our security protocols because we expect to be under hacker attack immediately after launch. 

We need your help to get this website finished so that our many exclusive stories can reach Americans and to purchase equipment and software so that we can produce video and interviews with whistle blowers.  We have a plethora of news ready to go about corrupt politicians, elite child sex trafficking, current events, international affairs and various other taboo topics. When we have attempted to share this information with mainstream and independent media there has been no response or interest. 

Here are some of the first stories that will be breaking on RedPilledNews.com when it launches: 

(1) Whistle blower George B. Tonks’ story about elite pedophilia, grooming and also Joe Biden and Barney Frank using models from the DuPont Modeling Agency as prostitutes for their rich and powerful friends in Washington, DC.

(2) What really happened to all the people who supposedly committed suicide in the immediate aftermath of the January 6, 2021 Patriot Trap and who actually planned and orchestrated it? 

(3) Why is Russia always blamed for interference and misinformation?  The truth will shock you!  

(4) What happened to the thousands of tons of gold taken from Iraq and Libya? 

(5) How does US foreign aid money get stolen, laundered and a portion kicked back to US politicians? 

(6) Why do politicians and media personalities get multi-million dollar book deals for books that don’t sell? 

(7) The death of John McAfee, he did NOT commit suicide.

(8) Expose - Joe Biden’s education and career was sponsored and controlled by the powerful Dupont family of Delaware. 

(9) A series of expose’s about powerful US politicians, how they are groomed and placed in office by powerful “old money” families to control government policy and to protect their criminal enterprises. 

If these stories peak your interest please donate what you can now to this campaign for RedPilledNews.com  

God Bless You & Thank You for your support!