After 15 years of building memories, connections,  my network, and business, my facebook account was hacked and disabled by Facebook.  Like so many others I have had zero success in getting it back and gone through all the loops of form submitting with zero support, response, or action.   My account has 7 days before facebook permanently deletes it due to "community policy violations" which I had none, it was hacked and I have an email from them showing the suspicious activity report.  

My story is not unique. There are probably millions of people out there just like me who have gone through the pain and anguish of trying to contact facebook.  Its absolutely criminal and unethical that Facebook a $500 billion dollar company will not employ people to have customer support.  Its time we fight this unethical policy and demand change.

I am filing a class action law-suit on behalf of all those who want to demand this policy change. There are a million ways in which facebook can address this problem and resolve it but they don't because they choose not to and because they can get away with it.  And they will continue to profit massively off of the public with out providing and support to accounts that contain our personal information. This should be and needs to be illegal.  (side note if you have an add account, sometimes on a random lucky day you can get live chat support, however, they will only secure your add account and will not work with getting your personal account back, I know as this was my situation. And is ridiculous because you can't access your add account unless your personal account it restored.)

I need your help with as many people as possible who have had this happen to them or are concerned it will happen to them.  Please join the cause, we need a list of an many people possible to get their attention.  I also need help  with raising funds so I can hire top attorneys capable of taking on big tech!   Big tech is out of control with power, control and need us to start holding them accountable and the only way to do that is through legal actions.

Note: you will see my business name on your bank statement for the donation.  Sunkissed Fun because that is the name on my facebook add account I want it to be the same business that has been disabled.