You may have heard about the horrible fire recently at Rainbow Ranch Farms. In addition to killing her beloved dog, Harry, the fire burned a vinyl shed that held essential items for Ranch business as well as personal items to the ground.This one top of the recent Blue Cut Fire, heavy snow  destroying structures, winds that damaged the poultry coops, and general supply chain disruptions and pandemic related challenges.  It's a lot! 

I've been a customer of the Ranch for the last ten years.  We started getting our meat there when I was pregnant with my son and wanted better quality food.  I called Xenia and we talked for an hour about food, caring for livestock, raising kids, and all sorts of things.  I trust Xenia to give my family the cleanest and very best tasting meat available.  When I heard about the fire I felt awful.  I could imagine how overwhelming it would be to deal with such painful and costly losses on top of so many other challenges lately.  I just know there are friends of Xenia and Rainbow Ranch Farms who want to help Xenia out so I offered to put together an crowdfunding campaign for her.    

The list of items that burned is long and it's likely not even complete. 

Here is Xenia's list of items lost in the fire:  

"The egg hatcher chick brooder, electric saw for butchering, tractor attachments, butchering protective equipment, both chainsaws, cow milking supplies, all the veterinary equipment, supplies and emergency surgical supplies. all the tack, 2 sets of new power tools, 1 mini and 1 full size freezer, 22 sheets of lumber with 2x4 lumber, all the baby chicks feeders, waterers and electric fencing for free range growing, egg weighing and sizing equipment, 8 rolls of insulation for under the house. The power washer totally melted and all the emergency livestock food and emergency powdered supplements were lost too. A brand new set of surveillance cameras and cables to monitor the entire farm and ranch, all melted. I stored all the valuable equipment and supplies in the vinyl building because I could lock it. My music awards, photo albums, it's just crazy." 

These item were purchased over many years.  They are essential to the Rainbow Ranch Farms operation and to replace them all at once is going to be expensive.  If you appreciate the incredible service that Xenia does for your and your family please donate to help her replace what the fire took. 

Xenia does so much for so many, it's time we helped her out! 

Joan Stevens

(picture is from another farm with free range chickens - I don't have a picture and didn't want to bother Xenia when she is so busy: "truly free range chickens" by Bluestem Farm is marked with CC BY 2.0.