Meet Dave Schumaker, as he needs our help. After four months in the hospital, the Schumaker family is preparing to bring him home. The house needs remodeling to make it usable, bathrooms, stairs, and walkways. The family has depleted a lot of funds during the hospital time, so any excess of hard remodeling costs will go to replenish funds earmarked for future care. You may know him as a Davenport Central High classmate, a loving husband and father, or as a good Christian man and friend. The day after Christmas Dave contracted Covid 19 and because of already existing health issues, he became critically ill. He has been in the hospital four months including almost a month in ICU. With Dave’s strong will and help from God, he weathered being in and out of consciousness, numerous procedures, including ventilators, etc. Dave beat Covid-19 and lives!! He is now beginning his long recovery journey in a skilled nursing facility with the goal to be home soon. Home…. home is going to need retrofitting a bathroom, stairs, walkways (initial estimated include $11,000 for a bathroom and $7000 for the stairs/lift). Dave will need extensive long-term care. His brave wife Sandy cannot manage it all, nor can their bank account which has suffered greatly over the past months! For those in awe of Dave’s fighting spirit, now is the time to lend-a-hand to help the Schumaker family defray some of the upcoming expenses. They have been guided through this frightful journey by God’s words “fear not for I am with you”. Truth