Founded as an advocacy group for medical freedom, we are an international movement for social justice against covid extremists. Our advocacy group campaigns against covid mandates, medical coercion, and restrictions. We are helping citizens who are still facing political global covid extremists in their countries. In addition, we are working to stop the WHO organization's "Pandemic Preparedness" accord, which would override our governments in a global health crisis, giving the WHO organization tyranny power over citizens. A deal like this would take away our freedoms, liberties, and personal choice of safety now and in the future. Moreover, we are pressuring vaccine makers to release studies to determine how many vaccinated citizens are at risk of severe health problems. Lastly, we are fighting against commercial and confidence information-hiding schemes (where vaccine manufacturers conceal science and data from citizens and consumers), preventing us from understanding how safe government-forced cored mandated treatments truly are for citizens, children, and families. We hope that our efforts will lead to action from our political leaders across the globe that benefits citizens everywhere. Visit our website to learn more about what we do.