To those of us who know Zoe, she is always the encourager, life of the party, and comforter to her friends.  For her entire life, she’s been the one who you can count on for help.  She’s a rare soul and even rarer mix of wit and sweetness mixed with mischief that makes her someone you can’t help but love.  She loves big.  She loves her God, her country, her family, and her friends and she inspires us all to live to the fullest.  She helps in any fight that she can.  

Now, the tables have turned, and its our turn to help her. 

Zoe was diagnosed with AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, this week.  This is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow that causes an excess of immature white blood cells.  Make no mistake, she will beat this, but it will be a long and difficult battle.

She has started chemotherapy  and will be in the hospital for at least a month with tests and treatments throughout that time.  Lisa, of course,  is staying with her at the bedside which makes it impossible for her to work.  Mike is traveling back and forth as he is unable to see Zoe while she is in the hospital due to visitor restrictions.  

Hotel bills, food, snacks, gas, medical bills, in addition to regular expenses, will weigh heavily on their minds with the loss of Lisa’s income right now.  THIS is where we can help.  

I can’t think of one single time that any of the Neisler’s friends or family have needed anything,  and they haven’t come through.  Not once.  They are the friends that are more like family.  They are the friends that everyone feels blessed to have.  Their daughter is in the fight of her life.  We are helpless in that fight, but we can fervently pray for strength, healing, peace of mind, and wisdom for all involved.

We can also help with some of their expenses.  No parent should have to worry about paying bills when their child is fighting cancer.  Please help them with this.  Give what you can.  Help show them that we love them as they have shown us time and time again.

And pray for them all.  This is every parent’s worst nightmare.  Zoe is precious, and those of us that know and love her know that cancer has picked on the wrong girl.  She will win this fight.  We can make the battles a little easier.  Please give.