On March 24th two days before our 3rd son Remington was born Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the ensuing days and weeks it's been a tough journey of taking care of a newborn, going to numerous consults with doctors,  and many tests and scans. Through it all there has been many prayers said,  and much counsel and prayerful research on the treatment that we should pursue.

In all this we have always asked the Master healer to guide our decisions in the many choices facing us on the treatment that is right for her.

      The treatment that we feel good about pursuing, while being very scientific, mostly falls outside of the conventional approach to cancer care and therfore mostly outside of traditional healthcare coverage.

       This is a plea for financial assistance as Lisa's treatment regimen is very costly and largely beyond our financial means! Even though we don’t know how we trust God has a way to provide for our needs each day! 

Thank You!!

The Kurtz Family