Joe Biden says no constitutional amendment is absolute.

He twice made this dangerous statement while addressing gun ownership, once in April 2021 and a second time in February 2022.

At Christian Action Network have had enough of Biden's attacks on America's constitutional rights. We are sending a statement to Biden that he is wrong. Every constitutional amendment is absolute!

We need your support to to commission Mobile Billboard trucks to run in D.C. on Flag Day, June 14.

It has become clear that Biden and his White House have no respect for such cherished rights as freedom of religion, free speech, gun ownership, and the right to petition government.

In response to Biden’s outlandish claim that government has the power to abridge, alter, ignore, or suspend immutable constitutional rights, the Christian Action Network is raising funds to continue its campaign to place mobile billboard tucks in Washington, D.C.

Christian Action Network is a 33-year pro-family advocacy group based in Lynchburg, VA.

As the Mobile Billboard trucks circle the White House, the U.S. Congress, government buildings, and tourist attractions for 8 hours a day, the message is clear, direct, and unmistakable:

“Joe Biden you are wrong. Every amendment is absolute!”

Each Mobile Billboard truck costs $4,000 to run for three 8-hour days.

Unlike Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA, our goal is not to cause violence, threaten police officers or scare citizens but to peacefully redress our grievances. 

Please help us tell the White House that we will not tolerate our God-given rights being deprived, abused, or diminished.

Donations will go toward hiring professional Mobile Billboard trucks and Christian Action Network's advocacy of God-given fundamental rights of all Americans.