For too long we have had school boards run by teachers unions and wealthy members of our state. These are the people that voted to keep our children masked for two years. These are the people pushing hidden agendas in curriculum. These are the people that do not support medical freedom for families. These are the people that have bent to the will of New York State instead of We the People. And we have had enough. It is time to stand up for our children and their futures.

Cassondra Long and Allen Griffith are two parents with children in the Royalton-Hartland school district. They believe in medical freedom and family choice. They believe parents should be included in curriculum decisions. They believe they can make a difference in our community. 

Please consider a small donation to help them in their campaign. Cassondra and Allen are up against 3 incumbent School Board members who have been in power too long. They have abandoned our children in their hour of need. It is time to make education work for families again! And Cassondra Long and Allen Griffith are up to the task! Thank you.