My fiancé went to england to pick up his kids from boarding school he got into A     Very bad accident when going to the airport he was admitted to the hospital and had to stay he used his money to return back to USA they said he needed to pay till this day he and the kids are still there I really need help with donations I want them back home please anything will help them ! 

As of today there still stuck over there 

the boys ask me every day when can 

we please come back home i don’t know 

what to tell them ? Because i need help 

and my fiancé needs to give the hospital 

money before he can leave. This is a 

real shame after all the years working 

now he sits there wanting to come back 

home but he put his money to return back home into the hospital! I am 

really needing help this is a real emergency I need them back home ! 

I pray every day that I get help.