Looking to make a huge difference in someone’s life? Do you prefer to teach “how to fish” instead of “giving a fish”? Then partnering with us is certainly for you.


My name is Helene, and I would like to introduce to you my friend Nadia, 26 years old, from Nairobi, Kenya. I have known her for few years now, being part of the international team of True Freedom Outreach Ministry.

Nadia’s life was not an easy ride. She lost her father from cancer and her mom trying to have a job in Egypt was wrongly accused of a crime. She is now in an Egyptian jail for 25 years. Since age 17, Nadia had to survive. For a long time, she and her brother were homeless in the streets. She said, “ I have many times gotten to the point of losing hope and being suicidal,  but God has saved me and kept me”. Unfortunately, her brother got into alcohol and still struggling to date. But Nadia is a courageous young lady. She managed to have odd jobs, but it is not consistent, and she is unable to fully cover all her monthly expenses. She is praying to God for a breakthrough.  

At church, she met a friend who is himself in the retail egg business, and he is ready to help her to start one in another part of town. The retail egg business is a booming venture in Kenya. Eggs (fresh and hard-boiled) are largely consumed as a snack by people in areas near school, bus drivers, hotels, and populated areas. This friend can share with Nadia the cost of storage and transportation, but we still must cover the starting cost of this venture such as the business license and government permit, the egg stock, trays, rent for the shop and shelves, her apartment rent for 2 months … an estimate of $2,800.

Would you be a partner in a successful story? I invite you to join our team by sending money, giving advice, ideas, encouragements, sharing this call with your friends around you and praying. I am extremely thankful  for your help. May God bless you all.