Sharman McWilliams Mom of 12 and Grandmother of 29

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Sharman McWilliams, is the mother to me, my 11 siblings, and the grandmother to 29 grandchildren. She is a breast cancer survivor of 15 years and has just been given the devastating news of an ovarian cancer diagnosis on April 6, 2022. She is our matriarch, and the one that keeps all of us together. God's grace has given her the strength to conquer this before, and we believe, with Him by her side, she can conquer this again. We ask for your help though, as we do everything in our power to give her the strong foundation she needs, and the health essentials necessary, to navigate through this difficult time. My Mom doesn't ask for anything, from anyone. She is the most thoughtful, giving person I know, never missing a grand child's birthday, holiday, or phone call. She is an angel on earth and to watch her prepare to go back into a battle she has already won, is beyond any of our understanding. If you feel moved to help us along this journey, we would be incredibly grateful. 

God bless,

Matthew McWilliams on behalf of The McWilliams Family. 


Mom Starts Chemo Today
August 13, 2022
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Every diagnosis, treatment, approach, story and experience is different for everyone. 

My mom had a diagnosis of breast cancer around 15 years ago, upon hearing that diagnosis she started diving deep into healing naturally and healing from the negative reactions of chemo and radiation. Mom had shrank her tumours to almost 100% in one breast and over 50% in the other. The doctors still suggested a double mastectomy and about a year of both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. My mom lost all her hair, was in pain for so long and it stole so much of her life away. Needless to say came out not only alive, but cancer free. Not all are that lucky.

Flash forward to this recent diagnosis where because of COVID backlogs, every surgery, scan, blood test, appointment was delayed and pushed. So she had no other alternative but to reach back to what she did before. A more natural, homeopathic, holistic approach to at least slowing down this cancer in her body. Clearly not every diagnosis is the same, and obviously the question of why the cancer got there in the first place is different for every individual/ families who receive such dreadful news. At this point, the holistic way was her only option. 

From her first discovery of her cancer to the surgery she took to removed the tumour (the size of a football) from her abdomen, the doctors had confirmed the cancer was moving rapidly and aggressively. Suggesting that her cancer was incurable, was beyond devastating. However, the whole time before and after surgery, with the financial help from this fund and the shares and prayers of this community, she was able to continue a holistic approach to her stage 4 diagnosis. 

The results were astounding. A miracle. Doctors were shocked. Her blood work came back with almost zero detection of cancer cells in the body. Her latest CT scan showed no further growth. From an aggressive, rare, terminal 4 form of the worst type of appendix cancer!!! (post surgery the doctors discovered it was appendix cancer and not ovarian).

My mother still has a long road ahead as she is not “cancer free”. Her doctor, Dr. Gurdev Parmar is one of the best Naturopathic Oncologist. With the cancer being rare, aggressive and spread to lymph nodes and colon, he suggests that she should be undergoing chemo and locoregional hypothermia treatment. She will be continuing her supplements and homeopathic treatments which can be quite costly and the hypothermia treatments are $375 per treatment which the doctor has suggested 3x per week, every 3 weeks.

I have listed every supplement she took, herb or mushroom etc, dosages, all of which are readily available at least here in Canada, but are very expensive.. 

Mom has started her chemo journey today. 

My mom came from a war torn country, had 12 children, whom then have given her 29 grandchildren, she was a voice in the midwifery movement of the late 80’s and early 90’s, she even started a large social group still active today where mother’s of large families could get together and learn/share about parenting, marriage, loss and support. To say she is incredible is an understatement. She is an angel. She has God’s spirit running through her as everyone who meets her shines brighter from her light. 

Selfishly, my son is 6 months old and has met her once (in this photo). Please, help my mother financially though this time to ensure she holds my son again. Prayers, shares are equally as important. Hopefully, I’d hope you get to met my Mother one day…

4000 up of D3 daily
4000 of Vit C daily
1/2 cup of Red Reishi and Turkey Tail Mushrooms daily
Chaga tea daily
Modified Citrus Pectin (3 scoops daily in a smoothie)
4 capsules of Stamets 7 daily
4 capsules of AHCC Pro daily
100 MG of Zinc Citrate daily
Ph balanced water + acidophilus
Mediterranean diet, no processed foods.

Surgery booked, canceled and booked again, positive CT scan! Good vibes!!
May 14, 2022
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For those of you that shared my mother’s campaign, thank you. For those that donated, I can’t tell you how much it has helped my mom. For those that prayed, may God bless you. Truly, all these things have helped her immensely. Her latest CT scan shows no spread and I believe from her holistic approach and the prayers and comfort surrounding this time has shown no growth in her tumour. Her surgery was booked for yesterday but was canceled last minute due to ER/trauma priority. We’re re-booked for next Wednesday!!! For everyone’s continued support, however that looks- thank you, thank you, and may God bless you. - The McWilliams


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