Dear Sister and Brother in Christ,

Greetings to you in Christ the Lord God Almighty!  Here I am writing how God inspired us to do this mission work. 
Mission information: First of all, me and my wife have received the call of God and started a small church congregation with 5 people in the remote village outside of Jangareddigudem.Mandalam, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

We serve among people where no education and no Word of God was heard by them since 1987.  I took this  path to do the social and spiritual work and adopted 2 street children.  We fed them and had started the work.  God has made our work fruitful Slowly.  By God's grace we have faced lots of troubles to lead the orphans and old aged mothers, but led them into God's love.  At first, feeding had become so hard, but our lord enabled me and my wife to inspire by God's mercies and some how  we established this Jayamma Ministries step after step. God's help and goodness made us to go forward. Now totally 100 people are in church in different villages and 17 children in our orphanage.  The soul winning is spreading. Though the donations are less the social work to the poor is going on. We depended upon God.  Helping the poor is our aim and object. That's why I have the burden of constructing orphanage or hostel.  It is under construction.  We have no sponsors, but we take some tithes and construction work is going on.  We love these poor children and share them the Word of God on devotions and other prayers. We brought many souls to the extention of the kingdom of God.   How it is possible?   It is through grace of God and love of many like you.

Statement of my mission: Is to take in the orphans and widows in our surrounding village.  I was an orphan once, so I don't want to see the other people, or any one to suffer as orphans. This is my commitment and motto of my mission.  Our total goal is to reach 20 villages to help as many as possible by this year end. 

We are praying for you and your beloved family. Please pray for us and our ministerial activities.
Thanking you to take care of our work and want to tell you and your churches, Many blessings to you and your church members. God be with you. 
Yours in his service, 
(Jayamma & John Victor. ) My postel address.. chadalavada jayamma.perampeta .post zip code 534447. Jangareddygudem.mandalam. West Godavari district . South India. AP.