Since November, FedsForFreedom has been working with a lawyer to assist us in putting our case together for the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) against PSAC and PIPSC on their failure to fairly represent us. We strategically selected the largest unions as they pave the way for the smaller unions to follow suit. We were approved for crowdfunding through The Democracy Fund in November. If successful, this would be a win for all members of these unions as it would require them to take up our cause and start advocating for us. This quasi-judicial process is a necessary step, as unionized employees have to exhaust the administrative processes that are available to them prior to advancing to a court of law. We have also served a Cease and Desist letter to the Core Federal Departments, putting them on notice of pending legal action in Federal Court. Up to this point, all of this has been brought to you at zero cost. This week we have been made aware of an unfortunate situation regarding The Democracy Fund; they’ve hired someone to oversee their legal cases and have defaulted in issuing payments to our legal representatives. As a result, our lawyers have communicated to us that they are ceasing work on our cases, effective immediately. The Democracy Fund has put a stop work order on our cases and 5 other large cases for unionized employee’s surrounding the COVID-19 Mandates. Moving forward, to cover the costs of legal representation on the FPSLREB complaint, we will be setting up a campaign for members to donate to!