Freedom March is fundraising for costs for the 2022 year! We need support from the body of Christ who believe in our mission to reach the LGBTQ community with the gospel! Freedom March will be be holding two mission based outreach events this year in 2022. Our first event will be held in Washington D.C. June 11 at the Sylvan Theatre from 1-5pm. The second event will be in Atlanta, Georgia in Piedmont Park on October 29 from 1-5pm. We have to pay for band, sound tech, lodging for board members, flights for board members, venue location, food, and other costs. All donations are tax deductible and we really appreciate your help in any amount! It is becasue of people like you that we are able to publicly proclaim these Former LGBTQ testimonies! Thank you for again for helping us share Christ Jesus love for the lost!