My name is Paula, 15yrs ago I needed a Service Dog to be my Diabetic Alert Dog, but I couldn't get one because there were no organizations that would help an adult at no cost, and I was quoted a price that I just could not afford of $30,000. So, I set out to learn to train my own and I did, and I have actually trained 3 for myself and several for other people. I have firsthand experience as to how a Service Dog can change a person's life. The Veterans which we have helped were stuck in their homes, afraid of the world or afraid to enter their homes alone because of the trauma they suffered from being deployed in the military. We helped save them by training a dog to give them the help, reassurance and confidence of not being alone, of not having to face situations alone and to know...Someone's Got Their Back. Everyone should be able to have that Freedom to live life to its fullest. Everyone should have access to have a life changing Service Dog. 

Since then it has been my life goal to help others obtain a Service Dog so they can have the benefits life has to offer with the help of their dog. 

We train dogs for Diabetic and Medical Alert, PTSD, Boundary Dogs, Balance and Mobility Dogs. 

I am asking for your help to help pay for the expenses of training a Service Dog. The funds we are asking for will pay for 6 dogs to be trained this year (2022) and placed with a disabled person who would otherwise not be able to have one. 

Please help us to reach our goal. The more funds we can get, the more dogs we can train.