Hi Everyone 🙂 

I wouldn't be reaching out if this wasn't urgent. We all have our difficulties in life and here is mine amongst a few. 

My TD Bank of Canada has threatened to repossess our family truck which I owe about $18,000 left on a 2014 F150. This is our only vehicle and we love it. We've gone on many summer trips in the previous years but this year may be a bit different due to my current situation. I have been unemployed for almost a year now and have been working side jobs to help keep my bills afloat. My wife is working full time but our bills are catching up fairly quick. My family and I are unvaccinated and only now have I been able to even start looking for work since the vaccine passports mandate has been lifted here in Alberta. We rent and do not own our home so Ive exhausted all creditors that are possible under my name. Therefore, I am in dire need to  pay the outstanding past due amount. Any help will do and I'm willing to give back to those in need once I have attained full time employment.

Thank you, and GOD Bless you All! 🙂🇨🇦 🙏