101,000 posts in 12 months contribution in the global info WAR - on Christian site gab - must count for something right?


Patriots – I really could do with some needed Prayers & some help please

After willingly sacrificing 2 years [+] of income to date, spending all savings to remain on the digital battlefield playing a part in trying to Serve Almighty God & Humanity at such a Time as the world is going through – [Those who know can’t sleep]

I now find myself surrounded by completely unaware friends & family support network – who after 2 years still see no War nor wanna hear about it - and therefore perceive no reason or value in my efforts to date – & have long ago stopped listening even - so refuse to assist or acknowledge anything the TV says is a Conspiracy Theory    

I can contribute more to the War effort than just 101,000 posts in 12 months – and wish to remain doing so as I believe [and often told] I add value to the global info war effort – helping people join dots in this Global medical-political-media Psy-op on us all

Literally though – I need assistance to pay off a $2000 loan due NOW – so as to remain on the digital battlefield helping Global Humanity looking to join the dots [Ephesians 6:12]

[and to be fair – getting rid of the financial stress / no support would help dramatically also]

I live in the country – little employment available paying tiny – so I would be away from the digital battlefield for extended periods – where one’s energy / efforts & Prayers in this Hidden Global WW3 could be better spent on gab on the digital battlefield arena - helping hurt others looking for information - soothing frazzled nerves with road sign info for others journey of factual info quest    

Hoping Patriots can discern the commitment & freely given efforts so far in this very real Global WAR – the information aspect of this global WAR is just one attack vector Humanity faces  

If you are able - please enable me to enable others further Please  

Thanking you in advance - God Bless – God Speed Patriots


[See pinned posts for MOAR info]


[Not looking for additional monies despite any additional being very handy – will remove this heartfelt prayer request as soon as amount reached – as this is a very real emergency situation my end – so would not want anyone thinking or perceiving this is anything otherwise – God Bless

as once this debt paid back – I will have just enough on-going weekly benefit payments to get through until US mid-terms in June where Pelosi & cohorts will get drained and then everything changes globally  

Then after the Fall of these demons – then something about 1000 Years of Peace]

Thanking you in advance - God Bless – God Speed Patriots