When You Try To Do Everything Right, And It All Goes Wrong


David and I got married, and our future looked bright.  He's a Mechanical Engineer, with a goal of getting his Masters (MSc).  I was working for an executive placement agency, and after only a year of marriage, with hard work and many blessings, we were able to buy a little house, and with my job going well enough to take care of the monthly bills, David decided to quit his job to get that MSc.


And then things went wrong, horribly wrong.


Starting last October, I began to have a lot of back pain and difficulty moving. In November, I found out I am missing the disc between my L5 and S1 vertebrae, and my L5 is sinking like the Titanic into the S1.


I am now in an incredible amount of pain, and unable to do basic tasks such as bending or lifting -- and remember, I am the primary breadwinner of our family while David is in school finishing his degree.


Last December I requested leave to recover from the back surgery I desperately need sometime soon (giving them three plus months of notice). I was then fired shortly before Christmas. My husband is working as much as he can, but we are struggling. He has also taken on the all the household duties and taking care of me. The recovery from surgery can take up to six months, during which I will still not be working. 


We are sinking.  Our savings are almost exhausted;  we bought medical insurance -- which was supposed to cover the cost of the back operation -- but were later told that this kind of operation was not covered.  And the operation is scheduled for late April.


I have a choice:  use our last savings to pay for the operation, and lose the house;  or make the house payments and remain, to all extents and purposes, a cripple and live in pain.


And so it has come to this:  we are hoping for the kindness of strangers to help us over the next six months.


Our goal is to raise $12,000 which will cover our house payments over the recovery period.  David's part-time jobs can handle all the rest. 


Please help us.