Hello Everyone! I would like to raise money for our friend Doug Sawatzky who is going through a very rough time with his health and life. Due to a genetic blood condition called hemochromatosis (the body produces too much blood hence too many red blood cells), which makes one susceptible to bacterial infection and blood clots, Doug has had many surgeries/amputations on his feet making him unable to work and have income while he tries to heal. Six years ago he developed osteomyelitis (a bacterial bone infection) bilaterally in both 2nd toes which subsequently led to five surgeries on his feet, resulting in the loss of all the toes on the right foot and ultimately a below the knee amputation of his left leg. The amputation of his left lower leg occurred in late January. He recently had a fall injuring his shortened tibia. To add insult to injury he has suffered DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which placed a massive blood clot in his upper right lung doing extensive damage ( pulmonary embolism) That was his 57th birthday present. So the long and short of it is that he has exhausted all by his personal resources, EI benefits have run out and is awaiting a decision from Sask disability to see if he is eligible. He has also been subject to multiple trips to Saskatoon with more to come to facilitate his recovery and unable to walk again without using a prosthetic leg. Doug also suffers from non diabetic peripheral neuropathy, spinal compression and hip displacetia due to working for a living at various jobs such as brick laying and cooking. Doug has gone through a lot of suffering and having to worry to pay rent and bills is a lot when one is fighting his health.  He needs all of our help and a donation would be appreciated in this hard time.  Thank you all!