We, the Alpine Christian Community Church, need your help. 
We meet in the only church building in rural Alpine County, California. 
As for many of you, the past few years have financially burdened us. First, due
to the pandemic, the church closed for several months.  We still struggle
with attendance, working hard to help visitors, community members, and
congregants feel safe to gather at our picturesque building. Then, the Tamarack
fire raged through our community. Again, the church closed. Finally, the fire
was out, and we were able to reopen safely, still following the necessary
guidelines. We thank God that our community was saved, including our old church
Now that we are fully open, we’re burdened with more unfortunate
news. Across our community, insurance companies are dropping their insureds’
policies, including ours. Because our church’s building is in a high fire risk
area, insurance companies don’t want to insure us. We have reached out to many
companies, but our only option so far is the FAIR Plan–basic fire insurance
coverage at an extremely high cost–1000 times more than our previous policy. We
simply can’t afford this plan and need your donation to help us with our
expenses. We love our building and want to keep it open for the community. 
Thank you for any help and prayer you can give. God bless you all!